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41% of homeless are families with children¹,

but at Georgia CALLS we believe that

The Average Age of a Homeless
Child in Gwinnett is 6

but there's a way out of this cycle. In fact, at Georgia CALLS, we've helped reunite 40 children with their parents this past year.

Restoring Families is Our Goal

One of the most effective ways to create positive change in a community is to restore a broken or homeless family. It's our mission to walk with our homeless neighbors and teach them how to permanently change their mindsets and overcome poverty.

Building Better Communities life at a time. While we provide immediate support for our homeless neighbors, our ultimate goal is to build better communities. Through counseling, mentoring, skill-building and steady work, our program works.

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Restoring Families

The Georgia CALLS Approach

Our pathway to rebuilding families is grounded on evidence-based practices that are proven to work.
In fact, in our first year of operation, we helped reunite over 40 kids with their parents through our CHANCE program.


CHANCE - How it Works

About Georgia CALLS

Georgia CALLS is a 501c3 faith-based organization with a heartfelt calling to help rebuild and reestablish families experiencing the hardship of homelessness, in all its forms. We are a place where participants of the program can get a full-time job, needs assessment, counseling, childcare, life-skills education and more. Our team consists of pastors, educators, technology leaders, social workers and more. Find out more about Georgia CALLS

Need Help?

If you’re homeless, we’d love to hear from you and get you on the road to restoration. Call us today at 678-251-4225 and speak with one of our program team members to get started. Hope is right around the corner. Your family deserves the chance to thrive.

Or, apply now to join us in the program by filling out an application.

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“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” — Hebrews 13:16


1 in every 30 kids in the U.S. is homeless² and an estimated 60% of the homeless in Gwinnett County are children.³

What People Are Saying

"I like the fact that Georgia CALLS is a real place for people with a difficult history to meet real people that are in a similar situation and trying to get their lives together. At this place, you meet people that don't judge you. It's like the undocumented aliens living under the shadows, we can come out of the shadows and not feel like you are living in the shadows. A lot of credit goes to the founders/facilitators for establishing this very unique place. A place to go for people with a rough background seeking redemption." Tayo Adeyemi, Participant
“Georgia CALLS is now going to be a model not only for (other) pilot sites but for other non-profits in the community and for non-profits across the state and the nation.” Renée Snead, Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Transition, Support and Reentry
"I have learned in the time that I have come to my new family that first and foremost my feelings are normal and in fact healthy. It means that I care about myself, my future, and those that I love and love me. I learned that it is OK to feel again and to process those feelings into purposeful action. I want to win again and I'm learning how." Chris Samuels, Participant
"When I first came to Georgia Calls I was a wreck. I had serious anger and trust issues, I would not allow anyone to get close to me, and went against almost everything I was faced with. Fast forward 8 months later, it's absolutely amazing the changes I've made. I can trust the people around me, I trust that my best interests are in the hearts and minds of the people around me. I know that I have a family here, even if I don't have one anywhere else." Johnnie Neal, Participant

From 2012 to 2013, the number of children experiencing homelessness annually in the U.S increased by 8% nationally4


How Can I Get Involved?


We believe that this is a community effort and we have a variety of opportunities for you and the whole family to volunteer with Georgia CALLS. We invite you to put your faith into action and serve with us!

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We have several great opportunities to support Georgia CALLS financially: Help fund our Childcare program, support a participant to find housing, or help us build out our new “Dream Campus Project”.

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Attend an Event

Join us for a special event and get to know Georgia CALLS. Coming soon: Career Fair, 5k Race for Restoration and more Fall activities. You’re invited to get to know Georgia CALLS & our amazing participants.

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