Refuge Coffee Company: Spotlight

Refuge-Coffee-Co-Web-Logo-SDGeorgia CALLS believes in a handful of things. We believe in seeing people overcome obstacles in their lives and watch themselves succeed in ways they never thought possible. We believe in addressing and finding solutions to the issues that no one really wants to be talking about. We believe in seeing our staff members grow, develop and achieve their goals – both personally and professionally. Most importantly, we believe in making the world a better place for those in it. Because of this, it is so encouraging for us to see other businesses and non-profit organizations working to do the same things. So, as I introduce you to Refuge Coffee Company try not to fall completely in love with their vision and their mission – I dare you!

Let me give you a bit of background. Refuge Coffee Co., established in 2014, rests its heart and its location in a small city just outside of Atlanta, GA called Clarkston. The UN resettles 2,500 refugees each year in Clarkston. With 145 countries, 761 ethnic groups and 60 languages spoken, TIME magazine has titled the city to be “the most diverse square mile in the country.” Majority of residents living in Clarkston have fled to the U.S from violence and war in their own countries and are now suffering the devastating effects of poverty and PTSD.

So, with all of this being said, where can these beautiful Clarkston dwellers find “Refuge”? Well, because of America’s love for coffee, now it’s closer than they think!

“We dream of a different Clarkston, one where refugees don’t get stuck in survival mode. Where they go on to build a life. Where people from greater Atlanta and beyond discover the multi-textured beauty of a global culture right here in our own backyard.”- Refuge Coffee Co

Refuge Coffee is changing the world through coffee-related job creation, job training, social networking and commerce. Through their efforts, they are creating a neighborhood where cultures from all around the world are coming together to form a richly textured “village” based around hope, community and life change. What once started as a small dream to see more of their neighborhood no longer struggle to put a meal on the table, Refuge now has a successful business that they (and we) only expect to see grow into something even greater than it already is!

To map it out for you, Refuge Coffee has three major plans.

  1.  To own a coffee truck where they can hire refugees and teach them the art of “food trucking” around Atlanta.
  2.  To build a coffee shop in the heart of Clarkston that reflects the true heart of the city.
  3.  To establish their own roasting plant (“Refuge Roasters”) in order to create more jobs and make even better coffee.

Refuge has accomplished their first goal of tricking out an amazing, state of the art “coffee truck” and you can now see them driving up and down the roads of Atlanta giving out a fresh cup of coffee (and lots of hope!) to people everywhere!

Working Together: 
So, what do Refuge Coffee Co and Georgia CALLS have in common? I’m glad you asked! Simply put, Refuge is changing the way refugees re-enter the world. With hundreds of people each year fleeing to the U.S, Refuge is ready to see these beautiful people find a place to call home. They desire to teach them life skills, job training and ultimately to see them re-enter society with a since of trust, hope and courage. Georgia CALLS is working to do the same. We want to see each member walk out the door every day with a new found confidence in themselves and in their community. We want our members to receive support, advise and encouragement every day and we want them to go into their home towns and make a difference. Successful re-entry is the gateway to seeing our communities be changed for the better.

“America is the land of the second chance- and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life.” -George W.Bush

From all of us here at Georgia CALLS, we thank you for embracing the opportunity to impact your community in Clarkston, GA.  It is our goal to make the world a better place for those in it, and we applaud you, Refuge Coffee Company for all your efforts to do just that. For more information about this awesome company, visit their site here!

“The world should stand with those oppressed until the day of their freedom finally arrives.” -Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

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